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sorelstrasz submitted:
I stumbled across these and instantly thought of you. :p
//bless you

So light ‘em up, up, up

Light ‘em up, up, up

Light ‘em up, up, up

I’m on FIRE

Anonymous asked: No offense, but maybe as a milestone please update your blog?
//ey dont worry i will

ive just been rather caught up with doodling, rping n’ chatting w my homies

worry not upd8s will ensure tbh i can afford to lose some followers tho like jesus

So. I’ll get back to updating and all of that as soon as possible


still have to figure some things out story wise, as I’ve just stopped here and haven’t thought any further. sorry ‘bout that xD. but this does mean that the blog stop, or hiatus, is officially over! updates will continue on soon. and I have a little surprise for you guys, there has been a significant style change, but this still be a mystery for all of you~

anyways, glad to be back!



//frick no dont look im dislestia trash

yungterra asked: your art style is super cute bless you friend





Cheap $15 binding. This is a power core compression bra by C9 at target. I am a B cup but my roomie who is a D cup uses is too and it works ok for him

My name is Alexander O’Brien. I am the OP [source] in this post. If everyone who reblogged the original post donated just 1 dollar I could afford my top surgery. Over 7 thousand people reblogged that post… my surgery only costs $6000 plus travel/medicine/cost of living.

I am trying to save up money for surgery on my own to get my chest reconstructed to reflect a male chest but it is slow going.. I so far have $500 but I need $7,000 min (surgery cost + rent and living costs during recovery). I do work full time at Lowe’s and put away all the money that I can. In addition I plan to save most if not all of next year’s tax returns so that should add close to $1000. I just could use a little help.

I do want to get surgery sooner rather then later for one big reason, otherwise I could wait. My fiancee and I want to get married. But we can’t get married until I am legally male if we intend to get a marriage that is legally recognized in all 50 states and by the federal government. And to become legally male I need an “irreversible” surgery. So please, if you could, consider donating to help support my savings goal! :) We would be eternally grateful to any and all contributions to our goal.

**NOTE: Should I happen to exceed my goal for top surgery I plan to donate the surplus to another guy (or guys) in need of surgery. Regardless of if I exceed my goal, I plan to pay it forward and donate to guys once I am post op. **

Go Fund Me 

Please consider liking my Facebook Page and giving it a share as well. :D  

*If gofundme does not work for you, I also have paypal set up at thelittledalekthatcould@gmail.com

PROGRESS SO FAR: I have $670 currently in savings intended to be used for surgery that I have saved on my own. I have also received $176 in donations. So that is $846 out of $7000. so roughly 12% of my goal. 

This is the lovely couple you will be supporting. We have been together a total of 4 years and have know each other for 10+ years. She makes me incredibly happy and I can not wait to hold her hand as we pledge to each other and to our families that we will do right be each other for the rest of our lives.


Then here is us after spending hours finishing this puzzle together. :D


stellar-psyche asked: Why are you complaining about new followers anyways? I don't understand... are you wanting to close your blog or something? Or are you just being grumpy? It makes your followers think you're unhappy with them...

it’s bc then I hit milestones and need to do a thing for them and im angry you guys are too fast gdi

funnystitched asked: funny that you say that, seeing as you last update was a month ago >=Y