Hello, my little ponies! I've decided to join you on the pony net, so go ahead and send me questions!

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Damn you D. Cord Travel Agency! Damn you!!

Anonymous asked: I've been looking at your 4000 milestone comic too many times you wonderful stranger.
//you can never look at my art too many times


Hello, you may all know me as CN Pony or Ivy but I need your help! My blog got deleted by the tumblr staff because someone (who i shall not name) reported me for being underage on tumblr. “Why did they do that?” you might ask, well it’s really a long story but to make it short I was defending a friend (who i shall not name either) and myself from them calling us names and stating things about us that were obviously not true. So they used my age as an advantage for revenge and he went and reported me.  But now that I finally turned thirteen I won’t have that problem come up again. Honestly I’m not even phased by it anymore because I think it’s pretty silly for them as an adult to go out of their way to harass a 12 year old off tumblr. But everything is gone. So I’m starting off fresh and I am going continue an arc I had on my old blog but other than that everything else won’t be reposted again because of reasons. So it would mean the world for me if you guys would reblog this and spread the word, seriously it would really help me out. I am planning to regain those 3,200 of you all and let everything turn back to normal again. If you have any questions about the matter I will gladly answer them all here. Thank you all for reading ♥ -Ivy 


Asking who’s best Princess…It’s like asking if I like bananas!

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Princess Molestia RIP












I wanted to add more but I am about to crazy over here! I need to get a tablet as vector art takes way too much time! Hope I didn’t mess anypony’s art style up. Gonna be a quite a while before I do another group shot.


//ye ive finally found out what to do for 5k couGHCOUGH6KHACKs so im finally gonna get off my butt and get drawin its shorter than the last one so it shouldnt take 2 months like the last one sweats



ah, nothing beats a good cup of tea in the morning~  Tia

( aaand the new blog is up! this will be a normal Tia blog, set at the current state of affairs in the show. and her mane is all blue because y’know. gotta make your tia a loll different! but anyways, please sent in some asks!

and how the updates may go: 

  • some will be traditional, depending on the time I have on my hands
  • some will be digital, the amount of detail put into it may variate!

but overall, I’ll try to update as much as I can. as I am the mod of thediscordedcelestia too, I might not be able to, much! and especially because I’ll be mostly absent the next two weeks, as I’m visiting my boyfriend in that time frame. there may be some sketches, but that’s all! I’m very sorry about that D:

but, I hope you all will enjoy this blog as much as I iwll updating it for you guys!) 

( yess I made a normal tia blog. give it a look if you have time! and the content above in the bottom alinea is pretty important. so give it a read if you wanna, as it counts for this blog as well!

//look at my friend ripping me off major what a nerd go follow

sorelstrasz submitted:
I stumbled across these and instantly thought of you. :p
//bless you

So light ‘em up, up, up

Light ‘em up, up, up

Light ‘em up, up, up

I’m on FIRE

Anonymous asked: No offense, but maybe as a milestone please update your blog?
//ey dont worry i will

ive just been rather caught up with doodling, rping n’ chatting w my homies

worry not upd8s will ensure tbh i can afford to lose some followers tho like jesus